Prof. Yoel Greenberg




BA in mathematics and Computer Science – Hebrew University (2003)

MA in musicology – Hebrew University (2006)

PhD in musicology – Hebrew University (2011)

Post-doctoral departmental guest – Princeton University (2010-2012)


Violist with the Carmel Quartet and presenter of the narrated series

“Strings and More”

Site: www.carmelquartet.com


Research Interests:

Rise of Sonata form in the early 18th century: an evolutionary model

Music of Jewish Composers post WWI

Computer Recognition of Musical Style


Published articles:

  1. Haydn’s Early Altered Recapitulations: the Case for Formal Evolution, Music Theory and Analysis Vol. V/2 (in press)

  2. Chao ab Ordo: The Fugue as Chaos in the Early Twentieth Century. Music and Letters, 99/1, 74-103 (April 2018)

  3. "Of Beginnings and Ends: A Corpus-Based Inquiry into the Rise of the Recapitulation"; Journal of Music Theory Vol. 61.2, 171-200 (Fall 2017). Winner of the 2018 David Kraehenbuel Award. SMT emerging scholar award finalist.

  4. “These are your Gods, Oh Israel”: the God-Idea as Chosenness in Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s Foundations. International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, Vol. 48/1 (June 2017) 

  5. “Parables of the Old Men and the Young: the Multifarious Modernisms of Erwin Schulhoff’s String Quartets”; Music and Letters Vol. 95 no.2 (spring 2014), 213-250  [PDF]

  6. With Herlands, Der and Levin: “A Machine Learning Approach to Musically Meaningful Homogeneous Style Classification”; Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-14), 276-282 [PDF]

  7. "Ben-Haim's String Quartet, Op. 21: A Programmatic Reading"; Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online, Vol. 12 (2015)

  8. “Minding a Gap: The Transition from the Slow Introduction to the Fast Section in Haydn's Symphonies”; Journal of Musicology, Vol. 29, no. 3, (fall 2012), 292-322

  9. “Drawn Up out of a Mute Wellspring: The Revival of Paul Ben-Haim’s Early String Quintet (1919)”; Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online, Vol. 9 I (2012) , 25-42

  10. “Computerized Performance of Palestrina Counterpoint, Whose Rules are Based on Natural Schemata that Express Tranquility”; Proceedings of Understanding and Creating Music Conference 2005 (With Dalia Cohen) 

Book Reviews:

  1. Review of Experiencing Devekut: The Contempla tive Niggun of Habad in Israel. By Raffi Ben-Moshe. Notes, vol. 73 no. 1, September 2016
  2. Review of "Arnold Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe by Joy Calicao. Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Vol. 30, 280-282

Research Grants:

"A Bottom-Up Approach to Musical Form"; Israel Science Foundation 2015-18

Non-peer Reviewed:

1. “Two Sides of a Stylistic Divide”: Liner notes for CD issued by Toccata Classics(TOCC 0214) (Feb. 2014)

2. “Anton Rubinstein’s Ivan the Terrible”; Dialogues and Extensions 2003-2004 

Audio CD

Paul Ben Haim: Chamber Music for Strings, Toccata Classics, London 2014 (TOCC 0214), with the Carmel Quartet

Media Interviews

"מבוא למוצרט". שתי תכניות במסגרת בסדרה "מבוא ל...". ערוץ 2, 13-14/11/2013

"האופרה שניסתה להילחם באנטישמיות", הארץ, גלריה, 27/10/2013

"יצירה כל כך טובה שאפשר למות", הארץ, גלריה, 18/6/2013 

Conference Talks

 “A Corpus-Based, Bottom-Up Approach to Musical Form”; Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, November 2014

"On the Origins of the Recapitulation"; EUROMAC 2014, Lueven, September 2014

"'These are your Gods, Oh Israel': Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron and Houston Chamberlain’s Foundations of the Nineteenth Century"; Royal Music Association Annual Meeting, September 2014

Dancing around the Golden Calf: Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron’s engagement with anti-Semitic images, American Musicological Society Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, November 2013

"These are your Gods, Oh Israel": Schoenberg's Golden Calf and antisemitic imagery, The Sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, July 2013

“Parables of the Old Men and the Young”: Erwin Schulhoff’s String Quartets in the light of post WWI culture, Israeli Musicological Society Annual Meeting, June 2013

Looking Back in Anger: Schulhoff’s post-war works for string quartet as a rejection of tradition, Reimagining Erwin Schulhoff, Viktor Ullmann & the German-Jewish-Czech World, Interdisciplinary Conference at Arizona State University, March 4-5, 2012

From Quotation to Rotation: on the emergence of rotations in 18th century instrumental music, Israel Musicology Society Annual Meeting, July 2011

“Back to the Elements: Towards a Genetic Code of Sonata Form”; American Musicological Society, NE Chapter Meeting (October 2010)

“A Stitch in Time: The Transition from the Slow Introduction to the Fast Section in Haydn's Symphonies”; Israel Musicological Society Annual Conference (June 2009)

“The Development of Formal Conventions in Abstract Language”; Discovering and Covering in Language Conference, Van-Leer Institute & Hebrew University (June 2009)

Cohen D., Greenberg Y.: Computerized Composition of Palestrina Counterpoint; Understanding and Creating Music Conference, Seconda Universita di Napoli, Caserta, Italy (2005)

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