Dr. Ayelet Dassa




Ph.D., Music Therapy, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Dissertation: The Impact of Singing in Music Therapy Group on Language Abilities of Alzheimer's Patients in Moderate to Severe Stages. Supervisor: Prof. Dorit Amir
M.A., Music Therapy, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Thesis: The Narrative of Female Music Therapists Regarding their Choice to Work with Alzheimer's Patients. Supervisor: Prof. Dorit Amir
Music and Dance Therapy Certificate, Levinsky College, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Teaching Diploma in Music, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
B.A., Musicology and multi-disciplinary studies, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, Israel.
Professional Experience
Bar-Ilan University. Lecturer.  Music therapy MA program. 
Ramat-Gan Alzheimer's Center. Director of Creative Arts Therapies and Research Coordinator. 
David-Yellin Academic College of Education. Lecturer. Music therapy MA program. 
Beit-Yedidim Hostel for Psychiatric Adult Patients.
Sourasky Rehabilitation Center for Elderly Patients.
Margoletz Psychogeriatric Center for Dementia Patients.
Gilad Day-Care Center for Dementia Patients.


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