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Erez Oded
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2016- 2018        Postdoctoral Fellow - The Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and                                                  Social Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2016                  Ph.D., Department of Historical Musicology, UCLA

2011                  M.A. (summa cum laude), Individual Program in Musicology and Cultural Studies,                                                The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2008                  B.A. (magna cum laude), Musicology/Interdisciplinary Humanities, The Hebrew                                                    University of Jerusalem


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters


Fοrthcoming     “Sounds of Subordinate Integration: Music Education and the Palestinian Arab                                                     Citizens of Israel before 1980.” Ethnic and Racial Studies                                                                                       (With Arnon Degani)

Forthcoming     “Bass and Silsulim: Israeli Popular Music after Muzika Mizrahit.” In The Routledge                                                Handbook of Contemporary Israel.

2019                  “Sounding Arabic: Postvernacular Modes of Performing the Arabic Language in                                                    Popular Music by Israeli Jews.” Popular Music 38 (2): 298-316.                                                                              [Co-Authored with Nadeem Karkabi].                                                                                                                     DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0261143019000059


 2018             “Music, Ethnicity, and Class between Salonica and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, or: How we got                                                 Salomonico.” Journal of Levantine Studies 8 (2): 85-108.


2015              “The Practice of Quoting Everyday Life: Quotation as Political Praxis in the Songs of                                            HaBiluim.” (Hebrew) Theory and Criticism (Teoria U’vikoret) Vol. 45                                                                      (Winter 2015): 169-195.


Chapters in Edited Volumes 


2014               “A Million Tear-Stained Eyes: Aesthetics and Politics in the World of Roger Waters.”                                             In Ari Katorza (Ed.), Pink Floyd: Breaking the Wall 157-180. Tel-Aviv:                                                                     Resling (Hebrew).


2011              “The Practice of Quoting Everyday Life.” In Copy & Paste: Meins, Deins, Unsers im                                              Gespräch. Conference Proceedings of the 23rd International symposium                                                             of the German Association of Musicology Students (DVSM),                                                                                Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Vienna, edited by Jonas Pfohl et al (eds.), 147-161.                                                                                                                                    Aachen: Shaker Verlag.


Book Reviews:

2019              Review of Made in Greece: Studies in Popular Music, edited by Dafni Tragaki.”                                                    Ethnomusicology Forum 28 (1): 125-127.                                                                                                                DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/17411912.2019.1580148

 2013              Review of Real Time: Hip-Hop in Israel/Israeli Hip-Hop, by Uri Dorchin.                                                                Ethnomusicology Review 18.                                                                                                                                      https://www.ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu/content/book-review-real-time-hip-hop-israel-israeli-hip-hop-hebrew





Film Music

Critical perspectives in Popular Music Studies

Window to the Mediterraenan: Music between East and West in Israel, Greece, and Turkey


Graduate-Level Methodology Courses

Research Design in Music Studies

Academic Writing


BA Courses

Introduction to popular Music

Senior Thesis Writing Seminar - Text and Context in Music Studies



Popular music in Israel

Mizrahi politics and Mediterreanan music

Music in film

Israeli Wedding DJs and their audiences (research project supported by a three-year grant from the Israeli Science Foundation)

Music education in Arab schools in Israel before 1980