Ms. Esti Keinan-Ofri

Keinan-Ofri Esti


Singer-Composer Esti Kenan Ofri was born in Italy and raised in Israel. She studied dance and music in Israel, choreography in New York and Arabic music with composer Salim In-Nur and completed her degree in Arabic music in the Rubin academy in Jerusalem. She feels most intimate with the singing traditions of the Sephardi Jews.
For many years she was mainly choreographing and performing as a dancer. Her voice and the traditions she represents have inspired composers such as Luciano Berio, Andre Hajdu, Betty Olivero, Noam Sherif, Oded Zehavi, Piris Eliyahu, Neta Aloni, Mark Kopitman Tzipi Fliesher and Israel Borochov into writing and arranging music to suit her particular vocal interpretation.

She has been performing for many years with the Kol-Tof Duo, with Kol Oud Tof Trio, Slava Ganelin, with East-west ensemble, and with the Arabo-Andalucian orchestra of Tangier. Lately she is more dedicated to composition. Her works were performed by "Ras Deshen" ensemble, The" Beta Dance troup", ensemble "Sirenot", And the piece "Women in longing" for 4 traditional singers, oud, cello and percussion, was commissioned for the opening of the International Congress for Jewish studies.