Piano Teacher

Ms. Ahouva Kremer-Babayoff

Piano Teacher
    קורות חיים

    CV (on pdf format)

    Ahouva Kremer-Babayoff, pianist, b. Jerusalem, Israel.

    1964: Academy of Music, Tel-Aviv, piano: artist and teacher’s degree.
    1976: B. Mus. Tel Aviv University
    1982: M. Mus. Tel-Aviv University. Requirements included a solo recital and a thesis.
    Thesis title: “Student Drop-Out Rates from Music Lessons in Kibbutzim”.
    Advisor: Dr. Meir Weisel
    Recommendations raised in thesis were implemented in Music Schools and
    Conservatories in Israel.
    Ms. Babayoff professionally plays several keyboard instruments, including the piano,
    cembalo, and forte-piano. She studied piano with the pianists Rina Braverman (1956-1960), Alexander Buch (1960-1964), Walter Aufhouser and Pnina Zalzman (1981-1983): fortepiano with the world-famous performer Malcolm Bilson, Cornell
    University, U.S.A. (1991, 1994); and cembalo with Mr. Shimon Rockman (1983-
    1985), Miri Zinger (1993-1994), and Zvi Meniker, Hochschule fur Musik und
    Theater, Hannover, Germany (2004). In addition, she has participated in numerous
    master-classes for early music in Israel (1992-97), Belgium (1992, 2000) Holland
    (1990,1991,1994), and Italy (1993, 2001).
    University appointments:
    1971-present: Pianist and tenured senior teacher at the Music Department, Bar-Ilan
    University, Ramat Gan, Israel.
    2005-present: Representative of Senior Lecturers and Senior Teachers at the
    University Senate Meetings.
    Teaching responsibilities: Ahouva designed core courses in the Music department
    curriculum, including Piano Proficiency, Piano-Duet, Workshops for Forte-Piano
    Performance (the only academic course of its kind in Israel) and Chamber Music.
    On several occasions, she was distinguished for excellent teaching by the Rector of the University.
    Many of her students have continued to pursue professional careers in
    Israel and abroad.
    Department Appointments: Ahuva organized the Music Department’s concert
    series, (1982, 2002-2003).
    Professional and Public Positions Outside of the University
    Concerts: Ahouva is an active performer, solo and together with fellow musicians.
    She has been invited to appear at University functions, professional conferences,
    festivals, and concert-series, in Israel, Canada, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Belgium and Austria.
    Ahouva writes and lectures on topics related to performance practice, performing on
    old instruments and Music education. In addition, she reviews music events in Israel
    and abroad for music journals and for the Music and Conservatory Website sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Ahuva also serves as a music critic for Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online, the e-journal of the Israel Musicological Society.
    Active as a music educator, Ahouva founded the piano department at the Anzagi
    Conservatory, Bnei-Brak, Israel, in 1967, where she taught for more than ten years.
    Contributing to developing and maintaining high standards in Israel’s educational
    institutions, she interviews and auditions performers and singers in Music Centers,
    Conservatories, Kibbutzim, and Societies for Immigrants. The Ministry of Education
    engages Ahouva to assist with the National Music Matriculation Exams.
    1999-present: Ahouva Babayoff’s name appears in the database of the Ministry of
    Absorption among Israel’s music experts.


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