Psychology and Music, Gerontology and Music Therapy

Scholars’ expertise in the Department of Music bring together the therapeutic fields and clinical and medical psychology, research of the psychology of music, and gerontology. Studies focus on the psychological aspects of music during the course of life—using music to achieve emotional regulation, harnessing music to impact relationship of different social groups, exploring “problematic” music, and more. Focusing on gerontology, we examine the correlations between perceptions of old age and perceptions of the self, specifically ageism and anxiety about aging and dying, across all age groups.

Music therapy is considered an effective non-pharmacological treatment for a range of old-age medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Due to the rise in life expectancy and the challenges that come with that, the field has seen a sharp incline in Israel and around the world. Research in the Music Therapy program focuses on affirming the effectiveness of music therapy interventions. Furthermore, we also promote the applied aspects of this field by developing suitable interventions that integrate music into everyday life and thus provide relief for patients and their families.