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Talking about music is like dancing about architecture,” said… well – we are not sure exactly who, because whoever it was, was unwilling to stand behind it! Talking about music is wonderful, enriching and satisfying, and enables us to enjoy music even more. In our department we investigate, study and talk about music in a variety of ways. We encourage inter-disciplinary work and co-operations, and our graduates are actively involved in the music world in Israel and abroad.

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Welcome to the department of music
The department of music at Bar-Ilan, one Israel’s most established music departments, strikes a unique note in the academic world. Alongside the study of a wide variety of musical styles, the department is also a pioneer in the fields of music technology and therapy.
Academic Staff
Research: RESEARCH TOPICS AND AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: •    Composition with an emphasis on the field of virtual art (new media), integration…
אתנו־מוזיקולוגיה Research Fields
Ethnomusicology is the research of the entire tapestry of human musicality; it…