Music Teacher Program

Teaching is not just a profession, but a challenge and mission which offers reciprocal relations between different areas such as psychology, consulting, supervision and planning. The teacher can influence, change and mold his students and society, while having an enchanting encounter with the children's souls.
The ability to take part in the emotional and social development of the students, while exposing them to art and especially to music, unveils before the music teacher varied and rich horizons that invite interaction with special populations, from gifted to special-need children.
Teaching music is a multidisciplinary profession embracing a wide range of skills. Teachers are needed in schools and in the private sector as well: teaching and leading music departments in high school, teaching music in elementary school, conducting choir and orchestra, ensemble guiding, arrangements, pre-instrumental courses, rhythmics etc. There is an increasing demand for music teachers by the Ministry of Education, which ensures  job opportunities for most graduates.
Bar-Ilan students seeking music-teaching certification will study as music majors in the Music Department and in the School of Education – Department of  Teacher Education.