Teacher Education Program in Music

Dr. Atara Isaacson

Teacher Education Program in Music
Music Building, 1005, room 10
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Monday, Wednesday: by appointment
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    Current Workplace

    Full position (since 2004) and tenure at Bar Ilan University: Lecturer in the Department of Music and Faculty of Education, Head of the Teaching Certificate in Music, Head of the Doctoral Students in Music Education


    B. Ed (1985) The Rubin Academy of Music & Dance - Jerusalem

    M.A (1991) CUNY Hunter College New York (GPA 4.00)

    Ph. D. (2007) Bar Ilan University

    Dissertation: Cantabile in the Romantic Piano Concerti with Emphasis on Schumann, Liszt, and Brahms (Supervisor - Prof. Judit Frigyesi)

    Previous Academic Affiliations / Appointments

    1994-2002 Reut Art school Haifa - Head of the Music Department, Choir conductor, History of Music, Theory & Ensembles

    1992-2008 Gordon Academic College - Lecturer

    1989-1991 Ramaz High School New York - Hebrew Literature Teacher

    1986-1987 Oranim College – Methodology of Teaching Music

    Awards / Grants / Honors

    2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 Excellent Lecturer

    2004   Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence Program at Bar Ilan University   40000$

    2003   Scholarship for excellence in Ph. D. Studies    1000$                   

    Professional Functions

    2021 Digital Exhibition ‘Listening to the' Rector Bar-Ilan grant for a Multidisciplinary Group by Prof. Esther Adi-Joffe from the Child Development Program at the School of Education and the Gonda Center for Brain Research

    2021 Radio Program - The First Social Radio "The people We Have Been Waiting for with Iris London Zolti on Education and Music Education"

    2020 Recorded Podcasts (Bar Daat)- “Creativity in Teaching - Teacher and Student in a Changing World”; “The Effect and the Magic of Music on the Mind and Brain

    2020 Participating in the Radio Program "Israeli Treasure" - The Voice of Music with Uri Golomb - - The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation

    2019 Judge at the 2nd TARF International Flute Festival at the Stricker Conservatory Tel Aviv

    2019 Judge of the Matat Report - Correlations between Teaching Music and Music Applied Research in Education - The Israeli National Academy of Sciences

    2018 Judge in the Young Eurovision Song Contest in Edinburgh EBU on behalf of the Corporation Kan and Teddy Productions

    2018 Member in the Steering Committee of “Who am I – an Israeli Song” No. 15

    2017 Member in the Steering Committee for Teaching - Vice President for Research - Bar Ilan University

    2014 – 2016 Member in the Department of Tertiary Educational Art schools in the Ministry of Culture, Reviewer of Educational Literature for the Ministry of Education

    2014-2015 Member of the Section for High schools for the Arts, Ministry of Culture and Sports

    2013 Member of the Committee of the Council of Higher Education (Malag) Reviewing a new track of teaching "Playing Instruments in Groups" in Washington College

    2013 Conference Chair: Teaching in a Multicultural Society - Seminar and Discourse for Music and Dance Teachers at the Rubin Conservatory - Givat Ram Jerusalem

    2012 – to Date - Member of the Ethics Committee in the Music Department

    2011-2017 Member in the Steering Committee, Dostrovsky Forum for Education Van Leer Institute Jerusalem

    2011-2013 Research sponsored by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Education – “This is a Song our Future "- The Heritage of Isareli Music in Schools

    1994 World Premiere of "Morning Song" by Avishai Yaar in a Workshop of Israeli Composers Writing for Children's Choirs, Israel Museum Tel Aviv (Recorded for the Voice of Music Radio)

    1996-1998  Participation of the Reut Choir with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra's in the Operas: "The Magic Flute", "Hansel and Gretel", "La Bohème", "Carmen"                    


    Main Research Interests

    • Nineteen-Century music, Aesthetics of the Romantic Era, Vocal genres & Piano music
    • Music Education
    • Israeli Song
    • Creative Thinking, Alternative Teaching Methods, Navigation in the Classroom, Discipline Problems, Teacher- Student Relationship, Methodology of Education

    Courses in the music department (bachelor's degree and teaching certificate):
    • History of Western music 2, 3
    • Introduction and overview from the 12th century to the 20th century
    • Issues in teaching history of music in high schools
    • Academic writing 

    Graduate courses 
    • The Romantic Lied - the composer as a poet
    • Romantic opera
    • Performance comparison
    • Departmental colloquium
    • The song in Mahler's symphonies
    • Planning and organizing research in music for advanced students

    Courses at the Faculty of Education (teaching certificate):
    •Creative thinking
    • Learning from experience 
    • Class navigation and disciplinary problems
    • Methodology of teaching music


    List of Publications – Dr. Atara Isaacson


    BOOKS   Refereed Publications

    Isaacson, A. (2023). The Composer as a Poet: The Lied in the 19th Century. Ramat Gan: Bar Ilan Press. 978-965-226-645-3  [Hebrew]  

    Isaacson, A. (2021). Creativity in Teaching: Teacher and Student in a Changing World. Sub-series on Interpretation and Culture, Edited by Avi Sagi, Jerusalem, Carmel Publishing. [Hebrew] https://www.carmelph.co.il/product/creativity-in-teaching/

    Isaacson, A., & Schwartz, D. (2020). Music, Judaism, Israeliness and Us: A Journey of Identity. Sub-series on Interpretation and Culture, Edited by Avi Sagi, Jerusalem, Carmel Publishing. 978-965-540-891-1  https://carmelph.co.il/book/music-israeliness-judaism-and-us/ [Hebrew]

    Isaacson, A. (2019). The Sound of the Song in the Romantic Concerto. The series for Interpretation and Culture, Edited by Avi Sagi, Jerusalem, Carmel Publishing. 978-965-540-886-7 https://carmelph.co.il/book/the-sound-of-the-song-in-the-romantic-concerto/ [Hebrew]

    Isaacson, A. (Ed.) (2017). Strauss, Batia. Guide to the Orchestra. 3rd Internet Edition, [http://www.box.net/shared/boa2z1ao8g] [Hebrew]

    Isaacson, A. & Weiss, M. (2017). Liederkreis: 15 Songs for Elementary and Junior high School. Ramat-Gan, Bar Ilan University, Integration Institute. [Hebrew] http://biui-music.org.il/t-images/zer.pdf

    Chapters in Books

    Isaacson, A. (2012). “Chapter 5: The Romantic Era”, in The History of Music from the Middle Ages till the 20th Century. J. Cohen (Ed.) Ramat Aviv, Center of Educational Technology, 155-198 [Hebrew]

    Articles in Refereed Journals / Periodicals

    Isaacson, A. Assis, A., & Adi-Japha, E. (2023). 'Listening’ to Paintings: Synergetic Effect of a Cross-Modal Experience on Subjective Perception. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 42, https://doi.org/10.1177/02762374231155742

    Isaacson, A. (2016). “Resolving a Teacher-Student Conflict: An Intrinsic Case Study”, Journal of Education and Learning 5, No. 1, 68-77. doi:10.5539/jel.v5n1p68 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/jel.v5n1p68

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    Books Reviews in Refereed journals (Less than 10 pages)

    Isaacson, A. (2015). Review of the book: Schwartz, Dov. Music in Jewish Thought. Bar Ilan University Press, Ramat Gan, 2013. 394 pp. in Contemplation in Jewish Education, Lifshitz College Jerusalem 11, 213-217 [Hebrew]

     Non-Refereed Publications

    Isaacson, A. (2014). “Batya Strauss – A Portrait of a Music Teacher”, Zemereshet Website http://zemer.co.il/artist.asp?id=111

    Isaacson, A., (2011). "From the Warsaw Conservatory to the Yemenite Vineyards", Panim, 52-53, 128-138

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    Isaacson, A. (2002). "On Books" - A Review Article in the Nof Tzlil Booklet for Teachers in Institutions for the Training of Teaching Staff. Magazine for Music Teachers, Ministry of Education, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Jerusalem, 162-164

    באמצעי התקשורת

    2024 Bar-Ilan University - (Bar Daat) App: Games as a vehicle for creative thinking

    2022 Bar-Ilan University - Doctoral Conference of the Faculty of Humanities Reacting to the research: “Respecting parental authority while safeguarding the child's interest”

    2021 Bar-Ilan University - Launching of two books [Jewish music; Creativity in teaching] in the general library

    2021   The opening of the online digital exhibition 'Listen to Painting' in collaboration with the painter Assaf Romano, funded by Grant No. 292228 (interdisciplinary research group), of Prof. Esther Adi-Yepa from the Child Development Program at the Faculty of Education and the Gonda Center for Brain Research https://www.emaze.com/@AOTIWCRQZ/-  

    2021 Participation in radio programs - the first social radio "The people we were waiting for" with Iris London Zolti on education and music ed.

    2020 The Voice of Music with Uri Golomb - "Israeli Treasure" - Israel Broadcasting Corporation

    2020   Recording two podcasts for the (Bar Daat) App: Creativity in teaching - teacher and student in a changing world, The effect of the magic of music on the soul and mind

    2019   Bar-Ilan University "Who am I an Israeli song" No. 16 Lecture: Omar Adam - How does he do it?" Directing the musical ensemble

    2019 Rector’s Meeting – Text & Caffe: "A Room of Your Own by Virginia Woolf”

    2018 Bar-Ilan University – Department of Music Colloquium: “On painting, Intimacy and Listening: A Pictorial-Musical Installation” with Assaf Romano

    2017 Bar-Ilan University "Who am I an Israeli song" No. 14 Nachum Hayman "Continues to sing"

    2017 Text and Coffee:  Meeting on Behalf of Bar Ilan’s Rector – “From the Story About Love and Darkness by Amos Oz”

    2017 Bar-Ilan University - Center for the Advancement of Teaching “The Figure of a Teacher-Leader”

    2017 Bar-Ilan University - The Second Annual Multidisciplinary Seminar for the Study of Child Culture - Department of Jewish Literature- “The Culture of Contemporary Screaming in Children's Songs”

    2017 Rubin Academy for Music and Dance Jerusalem - Seminar for Teachers in Elementary Schools - Supervision of Music Education “Active listening: Mirrors and Musical Gestures”

    2016 Bar-Ilan University A conference of literature and music: “Existential loneliness in the songs of Robert Schumann”

    2016 Bar-Ilan University – Department of Music Colloquium: “Dialogues: In Two Slow Movements of Two Concerti”

    2015 Van Leer Institute: Dostrovsky Forum for Education and Music – “Who is the best teacher? The 10 commandments for conversation”

    2015 Bar-Ilan University "Who am I an Israeli song" No. 12 “Light and Jerusalem - how much light in one song”

    2015 Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine Safed: “Psycho-Clinical Situation between a Doctor and a Patient”

    2013 Bar-Ilan University "Who am I an Israeli song": ‘The youth's song is the song of our future’...the legacy of the Hebrew singer in the schools”

    2013 Rubin Academy of Music Jerusalem and the Van Leer Institute: Conference for music and dance teachers: Teaching in a multicultural society, conference chairman and producer

    2012 Dan Panorama Tel Aviv - One Hundred Years of Research and Innovation in Education, Teacher Training and Music Education 1. “Batya Strauss - Musician and Educator (Poster) 2. “Between Teacher and Student” 3. “Different Approaches in Teaching History of Music in High Schools”

    2012 Seminar for High School Teachers - National Supervision by the Ministry of Education “Ways to Develop a Music History Lesson”

    2011 Bar-Ilan University – Department of Music Colloquium: “The Different Facets of Norma by Bellini”


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