Prof. Bathia Churgin

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    קורות חיים


    Prof. Bathia Churgin, Musicologist, founder of Bar-Ilan University's Music Department

    Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)

    Prof. Churgin looks back on over twenty-six years of achievement in the department that she established as a personal tribute to her late father, Prof. Pinkhos Churgin, Bar-Ilan University's founder and first president. "My father always appreciated fine music. He respected the discipline and hard work required by the field of music. He wanted Bar-Ilan to be a center of learning -- not only of Torah and the sciences, but also the arts and humanities."

    Prof. Churgin was brought up in a musical home in New York. Her mother, Rosetta (Shoshana) Seligson Churgin was an excellent musician and violinist and guided her musical studies. Her musical education encompassed the High School of Music and Art, Hunter College, Radcliffe College and Harvard University. Head of the Music department from 1970 to 1984, she played a key role in designing the department's degree programs, building its respected library and creating its successful concert series.


    Specialization:  Classic Music,  the Classic Symphony, G. B. Sammartini, Beethoven

    Instruments:   Violin, Viola, Piano

    Born: 9 October 1928 in New York City. Emigration to Israel, 1970.

    Dual citizenship: US/Israel                                    


    High School of Music and Art, New York City, 1942-46
    B. A. Hunter College, City University of New York,  January 1950, Magna cum laude
    M. A. Radcliffe College (Harvard University), 1952
    Ph.D. Harvard University, June, 1963. Dissertation: The Symphonies of G. B. Sammartini, 2 vols. Advisor: Prof. Nino Pirrotta. Unofficial advisor: Prof. Jan LaRue, New York University.
    Summer study at Fontainebleau, France, in 1950 and 1951, as a student of music theory with Nadia Boulanger, and chamber music (violin, viola)


    Teaching Experience

    Instructor to Full Professor, Vassar College, 1952-57, 1959-71
    Founder of the Department of Musicology, Bar-Ilan University, 1970
    Head of Department, 1970-84. Retirement, October 1996.


    Visiting Professor

    Harvard Summer School, 1963
    Tel Aviv University, 1972
    The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1973
    Northwestern, University, Chicago, Summer 1976
    Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem, Summer 1977
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1977
    Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY, 1981
    Indiana University, 2001


    Honors, Fellowships, Grants (selection)

    Hunter College: prizes in academic achievement and performance in Music; English prize for  essay  on T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets. Phi Beta Kappa (Junior year), 1949.
    Fontainebleau: First prize in Analysis, 1951.

    5 fellowships for study at Harvard from Radcliffe College and Wellesley College
    2 Faculty Fellowships for research, Vassar College, 1964, 1969
    2 Research Fellowships awarded by the American Council of Learned Societies, (1964, 1985)
    Several research grants from Vassar College and Bar-Ilan University
    Publication subsidy, Italian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, 1984
    Travel grant,  Beethoven-Archiv, Bonn, 1987
    Election to the Hunter College of the City of New York (CUNY)  Hall of Fame, 1986
    Election as a Corresponding Member of the American Musicological Society, 2007
    Election as Honorary Member of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music, 2009

    FESTSCHRIFT:  A Musicological Bouquet:  Essays on Style, Sources, and Performance in Honor of Bathia Churgin, Journal of  Musicology, 18 (Winter, 2001)


    Professional Organizations (selection)

    1. Member of the Israel Musicological Society, American Musicological Society, International Musicological Society; formerly the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.
    2. Member of the Council of the American Musicological Society, 1969-71 and the Editorial Board of its journal (JAMS), 1969-71.
    3. Chair of Classic music sessions of the AMS meetings in 1969, and 1984; chair of the session of free papers, IMS meeting, Strasbourg, 1982.
    4. Member of the Council of the Israel Musicological Society, 1974-76, 1979-86; member of the Editorial Board of its journal, Israel Studies in Musicology,1978-90.
    5. Chair, Israel Musicological Society, 1994-95.


    University Work

    During 14 years as Chair of the Dept. of Musicology at Bar-Ilan University, I established the B.A., M.A., and Ph. D. programs and assisted in the establishment of the expanded B.A., music education, and music therapy programs.  I  started the concert and lecture series, and developed the holdings of the Music Library.  I conducted successful fundraising activities (continuing today) especially to develop the library, purchase electronic equipment and  musical instruments, and in particular the fortepiano (the best in Israel), and a harpsichord.
    I served on the university M.A. and Ph.D. committees and was the first woman elected to the Senate committee, the Vaadat Hamerekeset, dealing with appointments and programs.


    Biographical Listings (selection)

    The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1st and 2nd eds. (1980, 2001)
    Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2nd ed.
    International Who's Who in Classical Music
    Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd. ed.,2007
    Asia/Pacific Who's Who
    Who's Who in Israel
    Encyclopedia of the Keter Publishing House (Israel)

    Other Professional Activities

    1. Member of the committee for the Israel Prize in Music, 1974.
    2. Member of the Professional Committee for Appointments and Promotions, Rubin Academy of Music, 1975-87.
    3. Member of the Advisory Board of the American Beethoven Society, 1986--.
    4. Member of the Advisory Board of the journal Ad Parnassum, 2001--.
    5. Member, Editorial Board of the journal The Beethoven Forum, 1992-97.
    6. Organizer of the first Beethoven international conferences in Israel, Bar-Ilan, 1987, 1994.
    7. Organizer of the first Mozart international conference in Israel, Bar Ilan, 1991.
    8. Organizer of two concerts of music by women composers, Bar-Ilan, 1992, 1996.
    9. Organizer of three concerts of unknown Classic symphonies and chamber music by Italian and   French composers, and an all-Sammartini concert, at Bar-Ilan, 1980, 1981 (Tel Aviv), 1990, 1993.
    10. Organizer of a conference in honor of the 80th birthday of Prof. Joachim Braun, Bar- Ilan, 2011.


    Ph.D Dissertations and M.A. Theses written under the direction of Bathia Churgin

    Ph. D. Dissertations

    Frohlich, Martha. "Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Op. 54 and Op. 57: A Study of the Manuscript
         Sources." 1987. Partly published as: Beethoven's "Appassionata" Sonata. Oxford:
         Clarendon Press, 1991.

    Sheer, Miriam. "The Role of Dynamics in Beethoven's Instrumental Works." 2 vols., 1989

    Tchernowitz-Neustadtl, Miriam. "The String Trios of Luigi Boccherini." 1990 

    Mandel-Yehuda, Sarah. "Early Symphonic Style as Reflected in the Symphonies of Antonio

         Brioschi (fl. c. 1725-1750) in the Fonds Blancheton." 1992

    Portowitz, Adena. "Mozart's Early Concertos 1773-1779: Structure and Expression."  1994

    Fleischer, Tsippi. "Luigi Cherubini's Médée (1797): A Study of its Musical and Dramatic
         Style." 1995

    Shani, Tova. "The Shift from the Baroque to the Classic Style and its Role in the Emergence
         of Sonata Form: A Study of Bipartite Movements from Italian and German Solo and
         Keyboard Sonatas c. 1720 to c. 1760." 1999. Tel Aviv University. Second advisor: Shai


    M. A. Theses

    Gild, Jenny.  "Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 14, No. 1: An Analysis of the Sketches." 1977

    Steinberger, Naomi Markson. "Performance Practice in Beethoven's Cello Sonatas." 1978
         Co-advisor Joachim Braun.

    Tchernowitz-Neustadtl, Miriam. "A Study of the String Trios Op. 1 (1760) and Op. 54 (1796)
          by Luigi Boccherini.  1979

    Yeshurun, Sarah. "Mozart's Piano Trios: An Historical  and Analytical Study."  1979

    Dubinsky, Maya. "A Study of Symphonic Style c. 1780 as Reflected in Boccherini's
          Symphonies Op. 35." 1981

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         Selected works, c. 1730-1809." 1983

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    Glaser, Margalit. "A Study of Six String Quartets in Stockholm by Giovanni Battista
         Sammartini."  1987

    Lensky, Miriam. "A Study of the String Trios Op. V (1772) by Pierre Vachon." 2 vols. 1987

    Rom, Polina. "Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Major, Op. 53 ('Waldstein') in Two Early
         Editions by Ignaz Moscheles (c.. 1836-37 and c. 1858).  1989

    Weill, Hanna. "The Two Versions of the Slow Movement in Beethoven's String Quartet,
         Op. 18, No. 1."  1993. In Hebrew.

    Lichtenstein, Osnat. "Haydn's Quartets Op. 20: The Interrelation of the Main Sections in
         Sonata-Form First Movements."  1996

    Davidovitch, Moshe. Haydn's La Fedeltà Premiata (1780): Dramatic Aspects of the Melodic
         Style."  1997.  In Hebrew.

    Silberbach, Maya. "E. T. A. Hoffmann's Undine as Literature and Opera." 1997
         Guest advisor, Prof. Linda Siegel. Second advisor, Bathia Churgin.

    Elyasof, Shlomit. "Beethoven and the Ballet Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op. 43
         (1800-1801). 1998.  In Hebrew.

    Ugar, Elizabeth.  "A Study of the Six Piano Quintets, Op. 57, of Luigi Boccherini." 1998



    Prof. Bathia Churgin, Musicologist, founder of Bar-Ilan University's Music Department

    Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)


    Courses taught

    Graduate: The Early Classic Symphony, the Later Classic Symphony, The Symphony from Sammartini to Beethoven, the Music of Beethoven, The Music of Middle Beethoven, The Music of Late Beethoven, The Late Quartets of Beethoven, The Beethoven Sketches, The Authentic Performance of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony, The Baroque Concerto, The Haydn Quartets, The Music of Mozart, Studies in Romantic Music, Women and Music, Problems in Research

    Undergraduate: History of Western Music (through to the 20th century), Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music, Studies in Baroque Music, Studies in Classic Music, The Classic Symphony, The Music of Beethoven, The Classic Seminar, Music theory: Harmony 1, Tonal Counterpoint, Orchestration, Ear Training



    Prof. Bathia Churgin, Musicologist, founder of Bar-Ilan University's Music Department

    Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)


    Books and Editions

    "The Symphonies of G. B. Sammartini," 2 vols.: Vol. I, 555 pp., Vol. II, 318 pp. (total:
         873 pp.). Ph. D. dissertation. Harvard University, 1963. UM 74-26, 282.

    Churgin, Bathia, ed.  The Symphonies of G. B. Sammartini. Volume I: The Early           
    . Harvard Publications in Music, 2. Cambridge, MA: Harvard
        University Press, 1968.

    Jenkins, Newell, and Bathia Churgin. Thematic Catalogue of the Works of Giovanni
        Battista Sammartini: Orchestral and Vocal Music
    . Cambridge, MA: Harvard  Uni-
        versity Press, 1976. Published for the American Musicological Society.

    Churgin, Bathia, and Joachim Braun. "A Report Concerning the Authentic Performance    
        of Beethoven's Symphony No. 4, Op. 60." Research Project of the Beethoven Seminar
        at Bar-Ilan University. Informal Publication. Ramat Gan: Department of Musicology,
    Churgin, Bathia, ed. Giovanni Battista Sammartini: Sonate a tre strumenti (Six Notturnos
        for String Trio, Op. 7), A New Edition with Historical and Analytical Essays.
        Musical Masterworks, 5. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1981.

    ---- Giovanni Battista Sammartini: Ten Symphonies. The Symphony: 1720-1840, Series
        A, Vol. II.  New York and London: Garland publishing, Inc., 1984.

    ---- Editions of two symphonies by Antonio Brioschi, with analysis of both and a third       
        symphony ed. Tilden A. Russell; edition of a symphony by Fortunato Chelleri, with 
        the assistance of Martha Frohlich. The Symphony: 1720-1840, Series A, Vol. III .
        New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1985 ,pp. xi-xxxii, 1-42, 61-74.

    ---- Beethoven: Symphony No. 4, B-flat Major, Op. 60. London, Mainz: Ernst Eulenburg, 
        Ltd., No. 414/EE 6820, 1998.

    Churgin, Bathia. Transcendent Mastery: Studies in the Music of Beethoven. North
        American Beethoven Studies No. 4.  Hillsdale, NY: Pendragon Press, 2008.                           
        Corrected reprint, with page of corrigenda, 2011.

    Morrow, Mary Sue, and Bathia Churgin, eds. The Symphonic Repertoire. Volume 1: The
        Eighteenth-Century Symphony
    . Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University
        Press, 2012.

    Churgin, Bathia, ed. In press. Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55 ("Eroica") and Symphony
         No. 4, Op. 60. Beethoven Werke, Absteilung 1, Band 2.  General editor, Sieghard
         Brandenburg. Munich: Henle, in collaboration with the Beethoven-Archiv, Bonn. 


    Editor, Israel Studies in Musicology, Vol. 2 (1980), Vol. 6 (1996)

    Articles And Writings

    Churgin, Bathia. Articles on Giuseppe Sammartini and Giovanni Battista Sammartini
        (the latter Churgin/Newell Jenkins). Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart  XI
        (1963): 1334-43.  Corrections in Supplement XVI (1979: 1636).

    Jenkins, Newell, and Bathia Churgin. Article Giovanni Battista Sammartini, in the
        [Ricordi] Enciclopedia della musica IV (l964): 105-06.

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        String trios, Op. 7,"  Journal of the American  Musicological Society,  XX (1967):

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    Letters to the Editor

    Notes, 35 (1978): 456, regarding the investigation of sources for the Sammartini thematic

    Early Music, 18 (1990): 350, regarding the cello sonatas by Berteau and the ascription of
        the G-major sonata to G. B. Sammartini and Giuseppe Dall'Abaco.

    Early Music, 20 (1992): 526, regarding the new edition of  Sammartini's  Lenten cantata,
         J-C 118, with a list of errata.

    Journal of the American Musicological Society, 46 (1993): 153-60,  regarding the "bifocal
        close" in Sammartini's symphonies.

    Virginia Woolf Miscellany, 40 (1993): 1, regarding Virginia Woolf and music.

    Production of a Compact Disc

    Buried Treasure: Unknown Instrumental Music of the Classic Period -
         Brioschi/Sammartini/Boccherini/Vachon. Presented in honor of the 25th anniversary  
         of the Department of Musicology, Bar-Ilan , and the 40th anniversary of the univer-
         sity, 1955-1995 (June 1995). Contents: Antonio Brioschi, symphony in G major (be-
         fore October 1733); G. B. Sammartini, Notturno for string trio in D major, Op. 7, No.
         2 (ca. 1759-60), String Quartet in E major (ca. 1771); Luigi Boccherini, string trio in 
         G  major, Op. 34 No. 2 (1781); and Pierre Vachon, string trio in E-flat major, Op. 5   
         No. 2  (ca. 1772). Performed by the  Bar-Ilan Chamber Orchestra, members of the 
         Israel Philharmonic, and the Jerusalem String Trio.  Recorded by Israel Radio. 
         Works  edited by Bathia Churgin and her  students Miriam Tchernowitz-Neustadtl
         and Miriam Lensky.



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    Liner Notes

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         edition of  Bathia Churgin.

    Buried Treasure: Unknown Instrumental  Music of the Classic Period  (Bar-Ilan
        University, 1995). Introduction and notes for the works by Antonio Brioschi and
        G. B. Sammartini.

    Lectures (selection)

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         Spring, 1963.

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           Lecture, New York University, October 1987. Also given at the International Beeth-
           ven Conference at Bar-Ilan University, December 1987, as the Smith Lecture,
           Vassar College, Fall 1988, and at Northwestern Universty, Fall 1988.

    16.  "Women and Music in the 18th and 19th Centuries." Lecture sponsored by the Lechter
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          Smith Lecture, Vassar College, Fall 1988.

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          and Changes on the Autograph." Conference at Harvard University on Beethoven's
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           University,November 2001.
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          with the American Musicological Society, November 1, 2012, New Orleans.     

    25.  Several Lectures at Bar-Ilan University for the Burney Society and the Departmental
           Colloquium mostly on Beethoven.

    Program Notes (selection)

    1. For three Sammartini symphonies performed by the Hudson Valley Philharmonic
        in 1960 and 1969.

    2. For two Sammartini symphonies performed by the Cambridge Society for Early
        Music, 1960.

    3. For programs of music by Monteverdi and the Mozart-Haydn string quartets at Vassar
        College in 1967 and 1968.

    4. For the all-Sammartini concert at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City on
        10 February, 1970:  a symphony, arias, and Missa solemnis conducted by Newell


    5. For the All-Sammartini  concert of chamber and keyboard music at Town Hall, New
        York City on 8 January 1975.  Bicentennial concert.

    6.  For Beethoven's String Quartet Op. 127, Tel Aviv Museum, 1977.

    7. For Beethoven's Fourth Symphony, Israel Chamber Orchestra Concerts, June 1977,
        performing the new edition of the symphony by Bathia Churgin and her students in
        the Beethoven Seminar at Bar-Ilan University.

    8. For a program of unknown Italian music edited by Bathia Churgin and two of her
        students, performed at Bar-Ilan University and Beit Ariela, Tel  Aviv, 1980-81:
        2 symphonies by Brioschi and Chelleri; two string trios by Sammartini and

    9. For a Sammartini symphony, J-C 14, performed by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra
        at Bar-Ilan University, 1990.

    10. For music by Fanny Mendelsohn Hensel  (two piano  Lieder, Op. 2/1, Op. 8/1) and
          Clara Wieck Schumann (Scherzo, Op. 10), at a concert of music by women
          composers at Bar-Ilan University on 25 May1992.

    11. For an all-Sammartini concert at Bar-Ilan University on  29 March 1993: symphonies
          J-C 36, 26; concertos  J-C 69 and 71a (for Violin and Flute).

    באמצעי התקשורת

    Prof. Bathia Churgin, Musicologist, founder of Bar-Ilan University's Music Department

    Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)



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