Music Department Colloquium

The seminar, the departmental colloquium, is a forum where teachers, students and researchers in various fields of music present the results of their work.
Music Department Colloquium: Fall (2016-17): "Internal dialogues"
Colloquium Coordinator: Dr. Avi Gilboa
Date: Tuesdays 16:00-17:30

You are invited to participate in the Music Department Colloquium lectures. The colloquium will focus this year on the subject of dialogue in the broad sense. The speakers will lecture on various aspects of dialogue about music, whether in composition or in performance, in listening or in analysis, in pedagogy or in service of social or therapeutic purposes.

Music Department Colloquium is a bi-weekly forum designed for the department's seniors and student-researchers, but is open to all who were curious and interested. The aim is to expand the mind, to develop critical thinking, and serve as a forum between students and lecturers and between students and students. Each session is given by a lecturer from our Department/University and/or other universities around the world. The colloquium is also a stage for the department doctoral students that during the years of research, they are asked to speak on this forum about their research work.

The following are the planned lectures for the first semester in which the mostly lecturers will be given by members of our music department – as "internal dialogue". In the second semester, will participate lecturers from our and other universities to provoke "external dialogue" (the prospectus will be published on the second semester).

General introduction with the course and its participants
only for research students (MA and PhD)
A meeting with representatives of the Scholarship
Committee – for all graduate students, including those
not committed this year at the colloquium.
Open and closed systems for composition,
technology and education
Dr. Shai Cohen
Musical dialogues
between Israeli conflict groups
Shaheed Abu-Hamad,
Ilana Baruch and
Dr. Avi Gilboa
Dialogues: the discourse experience in two-parts slow
Dr. Atara Isaacson
Operatic fantasies in early 19th century psychiatry
Dr. Carmel Raz
The duality in the creative process –
from adventure to emotions.
Avia Kopelman
Symposium on music
Roundtable and