Virtual Tour of the Campus  and Music Department Building


The acoustics  were designed and built by Dudu Hudja and his team. The project was initiated by Nori Jacoby, Kobi Naim, and Dudu Hudja.  Academic advisor: Prof. Eitan Avitsur.
Construction: Shmuel Gan-El, Gadi Boganim. Project head: Shimon Doron

About the Studio

The Music Department's recording studio offers exceptional recording facilities, especially suitable for classical or ethnic musicians. The studio consists of three integrated spaces:

Both live and studio recordings are enabled through a designated multi channel audio-video connection. The hall has Steinway Grand Piano Model C, room for 200 audience members to listen to up 60 musicians.

The Recording room is a warm, acoustically inviting room, 5X6 meters.
Up to 12 musicians can comfortably fit within the space, together with their instruments.
Acoustics are enhanced by the wooden floor and portable wooden acoustic panels.

Control and mixing room - works in conjunction with the recording room or Concerts Hall.
Quested  V3310 speakers enable a luxurious listening experience in the 30 sq. meters large space.
The Studio has digital bus and runs Cubase with a large lot of plug-ins.



Technical Details


Audio-Technica AT2035


Neumann KM8


Schoeps CMC6/MK4

Control Room Main Speakers

Quested V331S - Speakers

Master Section

Audient Centro

Sound Card

Lynx AES16e

Tel: 972-3-5318405, 972-3-5318623
Fax: 972-3-7384104
Where is the studio located, and how do I get there?
The studio is located on the ground floor of the Music Department at Bar Ilan University. The Music Building (Building number 1005) is located at the Northern end of the university's entrance gate near Givat Shmuel (Northern Gate). Please enter the  gate from Givat Shmuel.
Coming from Route 4 South:
Go straight to the north, do not turn at the sign for "Bar-Ilan University," but instead bypass the campus and continue North on Route 4. Turn right at the Coca-Cola Junction direction Givat Shmuel. Turn right immediately after the traffic lights  and continue straight. The Northern entrance gate located at the next traffic-light intersection.
Coming from Route 4 North 
Turn right at the exit of Givat Shmuel and Bnei Brak ("Coca-Cola Junction"). At the traffic lights turn right then right again. Cross the bridge over the road and continue straight for four. After two traffic lights are at the Northern entrance of the university (on the right).
Via the University's Main Entrance (not recommended)
If you've reached the main gate, you need to bypass the university.  Go straight on Max and Anna Webb street, and continue past the first roundabout. At the second roundabout (Independence Square) turn left off Jabotinsky. After about 3 kilometers you will reach the third roundabout. Turn left at this square, (Jabotinsky Street), and the northern entrance is located just after the traffic light, on the left.
How much does studio time cost?
Between 160-180 shekel/hour. Please get in touch with Ms. Rachel Lowenstein in order to receive an estimate.  Special prices are available for university faculty, and university students receive a quota of recording hours as part of their studies within the Music and Technology Program.
What can I do in the studio?
The studio is intended to record music, but radio recordings, discussions and lecture are also possible: if you are interested in making a recording  of this nature, please let us know while booking. 
Can faculty members record in the studio?
Yes, and there is a special faculty discount, as long as the recording in question  is affiliated with the university.
Can students record in the studio?
Yes. Part of the Music and Technology track's academic program involves enabling students to gain professional experience. Students can record up to ten hours of their choosing as part of the program. Such recordings must be requested in advance and approved by the department.