Guides and procedures


Books from the reading room are not for loan.
Media (LP records, CDs, audio tapes, videos, and DVD) is not for loan

Material from the second floor:
A. Periodicals - are not for loan.
B. Reference books - can be borrowed for four weeks
C. Sheet music - can be borrowed for four weeks excluding the sheet music in bookshelves 1-4.

Library card
Borrowing is by means of the library card that is mailed to every student before the beginning of the academic year. The card is personal and cannot be transferred to others.
Students are responsible for any and all damages to borrowed books.
Students are not allowed to transfer borrowed books to other readers.
The computer record determines the status of the students, the details of the borrowed books, late returns, and fines.

Number of borrowed books:
B. A. students - 10 Books
M. A. students - 15 Books
Ph.D. students - 30 Books

All items are borrowed for four weeks. The circulation system automatically extends the return date four times, each time for four weeks. At the end of the extension period, the items must be returned to the library.
The reader has to check his library card and to make sure that the returns' dates were extended.

Book returns:
Books are to be returned to the librarian. Please do not leave books on the counter without informing the librarian.


Delay in returning an item leads to a cumulative fine of 3 NIS a day.