The Jamie Lehmann Music Library

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The Music Library was established in 1970 and was housed in two places: the book collection was in the Central Library together with the music periodicals while the sheet music and media collection were placed in the Schleifer building. During the year 2002-03 when the Music Department was moved to its new music building, the book and the media collections were transferred to the new building and the new library was opened in 2004.

The new library was donated by the Lehman family from New-York in memory of their son Chaim Menachem (Jamie) z"l.
The library collections include books, music periodicals, sheet music and different media items including LP records, CDs, videos, audio tapes and DVDs. The library houses the most important books, sheet music and music periodicals in the field of music: music history, ethnomusicology, music therapy, music education, and more. In addition, the collection includes rare items like music facsimiles and manuscripts.
There are two floors in the library. The first is used as a reading hall, where all the important reference books in the field are located. On this floor one can also find a seminar learning and group training room, records room, media room (in which the CDs, audio cassettes, videotapes and DVD are stored), as well as a listening room in which students can listen to music. The second floor is arranged in three sections: music periodicals, books and sheet music. Books and sheet music are arranged according to the method of the Library of Congress classification. Music periodicals are arranged alphabetically by name.
The librarians are available to all the university's students and faculty for assistance in their research questions. The library also welcomes researchers, lecturers and students from other universities and colleges in Israel.