Pushing the Boundaries of Musical Expression

An International Conference on Research in Music and Creativity November 29 - Dec 1 2017, Bar Ilan University, Israel

We ask broad questions that over time we expect
will become an important foundation of our research:
Are there common generative mechanisms in music and mind that can account for the extreme diversity in music across culture and genre, could they be modeled within a new predictive theory, what it would take to get there, and if so,
what are the implications on art, science, and creative expression?

Presentations by:

o Prof. Jonathan Berger, CCRMA department of music, Stanford University
“An integrated approach to detecting and measuring music engagement”
o Prof. Moshe Bar, Director, Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan
“Exploration and exploitation in the human brain”
o Prof. Naftali Tishby, The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
“What can we learn about human creativity from the success of Machine & Deep Learning?”
o Prof. Eli Nelken, Director, The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
“Processing of sounds in the auditory system - not what you think”
o Prof. Idan Segev, The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences
“Expanding Creative Bounds”
o Dr. Daniel Oppenheim, Chairman' IRMaM
Keynote:”The IRMaM Vision”, Presentation: ”Unleashing creative expression in music: an introduction”
o Dr. Shai Cohen, Head, Bar-Ilan Music Technologies Program
“Compositional analysis and synthesis In Search for artistic potential”
o Dr. Roni Granot, Musicology Department, Faculty of Humanities the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“Listening to brightness, playing sharpness: A study of cross-modal communication in music ”
o Dr. Avi Gilboa, Head, Department of Music, Bar-Ilan University
“How can music therapy benefit from-and contribute-to IRMaM”
o Prof. Georg Hajdu, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany
“Music Composition, concert with Meitar Ensemble”
o Revital Hollander, College of Management
“Different approaches for using technology in order to enhance creativity”
o Assaf Talmudi, Musician and Researcher
“The Borgesian Map problem of Deep Learning and Music”
o Amit Dolberg and the Meitar Ensemble
“Resident performance group”

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